Daria Volovod - My Erasmus Experience

At first I want to say thank you to Erasmus to give me that opportunity to work abroad, cause all my three mouth in the hotel Lindos Imperial was amazing!

My internship was in beautiful country – Greece. The road to Greece was really long, something like a 27 hours but I was ready for that. When I came , my coordinator was waiting for me in airport, after she had showed me my hotel and my accommodation , it was a small room with all what I need there. My first roommate was a girl from Hungary after I was living along, and at the end with the girl from Russia. My accommodation was very closer to the hotel, something like 3-4 min. To be true, my room was the best!
My work experience was started from a small excretion to the hotel and they introduced me to all staff of the hotel. First problem was that half of the hotel known only Greek language, but I was ready for that and I started my Greek course there. Second problem was that it was a huge hotel and at the middle of the season I had to work alone like for the two weeks and it was really hard. But it was so great experience. Now I can tell you, that I was in the hell. Like you have a phone, check-inn check-out, guests, cleaning-ladies and all another staff of the hotel.
But after all this hard days you had had amazing nights and evenings with the beach parties, clubs and just a new friends. It was a miracle that all the August I was working only evening shifts. Now I really so thankful for all that people, for my front office family, because it was really family. At my last days they prepared for me a “goodbye barbecue party” with the traditional Greek food and Greek music.
To make a conclusion I want to say that it was the hardest and the best summer for all my life!!
If I will able to change something, I will not do nothing. Everything was perfect! Thank you again Erasmus, that you gave me that chance!!
And of course big thank you for my university’s coordinator. She was helping me a lot, and very patient with all my stupid question. She was all the time kind. Without her I was really unable to did it!!!



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