Eszterházy Károly University

As it is always the case with me, making a decision is abrupt but one can be rest assured that it is well thought. I hastily made a decision to go study in Hungary but it turned out to be one of the best decisions l ever made in recent memory.

As expected, l went through this taxing process of visa application which l still don’t understand why authorities maintain this absurd procedure for students who already have residency permit in an EU country. Anyway, l found myself in Gyongyos approximately 80 kms east of the capital. Very small town in the valley of the Matra mountains which happens to be the highest peak in Hungary standing at approximately 1000m high. Scattered with vineyards, it’s a no brainer that it’s a paradise for wine lovers. One can imbibe themselves with no guilty conscience as a bottle can easily be bought for less than €1.

The school is leased a hotel as accommodation for students. This was my best part of the stay. My room was an en suite and had a balcony, something that almost resembled my bedroom back home. It was overlooking the mountains which pans out a, to die for, view especially when snowing. The kitchen was just next door, the conveniency was absolutely appreciated.  The student community was great, it was like a family. People went along so well.

The internet at the dormitory was a thorn in the flesh though, it was terribly slow. Save for that and a few times a false fire alarm went off in the middle of the night things were alright. I was at peace with the idea that one could simply cross the road at an undesignated area without attracting a fine as is the case in Poland.

Lectures were structured in a manner that everybody didn’t have classes on Fridays at all. This allowed for an extra day of travel if at all one had to. The lecturers have a good relationship with students which still remain professional. There were a few parties and events organised by the school. It was always a pleasure to be in attendance. I however, noted with concern that most events were meant for “stipendium Hungarium” students and not Erasmus+ exchange students. By the way stipendium Hungarium is a scholarship programme open to citizens of certain developing countries.

I liked the idea that the school takes care of all the immigration paperwork. All you need to do is attend the orientation day, sign the papers and then you are put in groups to visit the home office to collect your residence card which to my surprise were ready for collection for the full time students.  

It was indeed an enjoyable and memorable stay. My mementos will forever be there to remind me of Gyongyos.




campus in gyongyos

drenched in Slovenia

global cooking night, Eger

gobal cooking night

Gyongyos zoo

tram in Gyongyos





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