Isuru Guniyan Godage

I was so exited to get another Erasmus program because how I enjoyed my first Erasmus in Jihlava Czech Republic. I managed to succeed in the interview which I had in our home university and I really appreciate the assistance from my university. 

It was a very good opportunity for me to have the chance to study in the receiving institute. It is not a huge university. It is located surrounding  very beautiful mountains. And their international community was great and the way they treated  us was really nice. According to academic background it was very good opportunity for me to study new thing. Their lecturers were really good with international students. The Erasmus coordinating staff was also really friendly as same as my university. In every situation they took care of us very nicely. It seemed like their system is very efficient even if it was a very small university. I honestly believe that I learned things from their institution and I am very happy about I have participated an Erasmus+ program.  

When it comes to their culture. We did not get much time to get on with locals mostly some students from the dormitory and native lecturers were the people we were always with. They seemed really nice people and we had some trips to small towns and still we could not manage to get much idea about the culture because you hardly find someone who speaks English in small towns. The town we were in the same.  But whenever we found someone who speaks English they were really nice. 

In terms of traveling we had a couple of local trips to Budapest, Eger etc. and their trips are really nice and they were well organized. And the only international trip was to Vienna, Austria. And we really enjoyed those trips. 

Generally it was a great semester which  I spent in Gyongyos. And I really appreciate the way the Erasmus staff of WSG about how they help us to get this golden opportunity and to the same for the university in Gyongyos. And I highly recommend that Erasmus program is a very valuable program to get different kind of study techniques and to know about another country.

Isuru Guniyan Godage 

Tourism and Hospitality Management Student



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